The Office of the Ombudsman of Solomon Islands (OOSI) is an independent public office established by Section 96 (1) of the pdf Solomon Islands Constitution (506 KB) .

The Office’s primary roles and responsibilities are to support the Ombudsman of Solomon Islands carry out (discharge) his or her prescribed functions as provided for by Section 97-99 of the Solomon Islands Constitution and the pdf Ombudsman Act 2017 (1.83 MB) .


Our vision is to promote fair, transparent and accountable public administration that benefits all people of Solomon Islands


Our mission is to protect the interests of the Solomon Islands community by:

  • Assisting people to resolve complaints about government bodies
  • Independently investigating and reporting on the actions and practices of government bodies
  • Fostering accountable, lawful, transparent and responsive administration in public offices


The Office of the Ombudsman of Solomon Islands adheres to the following set of values in the way we do our work and in the way we interact with each other and with our stakeholders:

  • Independence – The OOSI will, consistent with its constitutional and statutory roles, act independently of the government in discharging its functions
  • Accountability – The OOSI values accountability in government, and therefore, will perform its duties in a timely, responsive and responsible manner, and measuring and reporting on our work
  • Impartiality and Fairness – The OOSI will at all times act honestly in accordance with our powers, with the highest standard of professional working ethics
  • Integrity – The OOSI will at all times act honestly in accordance with our powers, with the highest standards of professional working ethics
  • Transparency – The OOSI will keep people informed about the rights and any decisions affecting them
  • Accessibility – The OOSI is aware that it exists to serve all the people of the Solomon Islands and will endeavor to ensure it is readily accessible to all.
  • Respectfulness and Ethical Behaviour – We recognize that respect and ethical behavior must underpin all our work and relationships. The OOSI will treat everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • Responsiveness and Timeliness – The OOSI will provide prompt customer service and will facilitate speedy resolutions as defined by our Service Principles
  • Teamwork – The OOSI values the diversity of experience and talent of people who have a unity of purpose and shared commitment to making the OOSI a success