The following are frequently asked questions about the lodgment of complaints to the Ombudsman’s Office for investigation.

If you make a complaint that the Ombudsman either cannot or will not investigate, he will inform you of the reason why, and he will try to find you another way to deal with your problem, possibly through a referral to another Institution of Integrity such as the Leadership Code Commission (LCC) or Police (RSIPF).

Yes, the administrative conduct of a Government body includes the conduct of its staff in handling government processes and procedures. If you believe that you are a victim of an unfair decision by an Officer working at a Government body in relation to an application made to that body, then you can bring your grievances to the Ombudsman’s attention.

Yes, the pdf Ombudsman Act 2017 (1.83 MB) allows aggrieved persons to make a complaint against a contractor if they believe an unfair bias was given to a contractor, by a Government body in awarding a contract to that contractor. 

Yes, public officers such as employees of Government Ministries or Agencies can make complaints to the Ombudsman if they believe they are victims of unfair administrative treatment by Government bodies.

Anyone in general - any person , group of persons, entitities, members of Parliament or third parties - can make a complaint to the Ombudsman.

It is important to note that the   pdf Ombudsman Act 2017 (1.83 MB)  offers privileges and protections including anonymity and confidentiality to people making their complaints to the Investigation Unit’s Complaints Intake Team.