The Corporate Services Unit’s primary responsibilities include providing administrative and financial support services to the Ombudsman’s Office (OOSI). This role includes procurement and human resources support.

The functions of the Office’s internal Secretarial Services Unit also fall under the oversight of the Corporate Services Manager who heads the Unit.

In terms of administrative support services, the Unit’s roles and responsibilities include maintaining the Office registry, staff recruitment and allocation of job descriptions, reviewing and ensuring compliance with internal plans and policies and ensuring compliance with the Public Service’s General Orders (GOs) and with staff performance requirements.

The Unit’s financial management support services includes procurements for the Office’s activities such as trainings and tours and re-current expenditures such as salaries, in compliance with the Public Finance Management Act 2013 and the Government’s Financial Instructions. The Office’s tenders for contracts are also handled by the Corporate Services Unit.

Apart from these primary responsibilities, the Corporate Services Unit is also responsible for finalizing the Office’s policy papers for Cabinet approval, recommending improvements to the Office’s complaint handling processes and staff attachments with other institutions and established organizations as part of the Office’s capacity building initiative.

The Corporate Service Unit has a total of eleven (11) staff. There is one (1) Chief Administration Officer, one (1) Executive Personal Secretary, two (2) Principal Administration Officer, one (1) Senior Accountant, one (1) Receptionist, one (1) Office Driver, one (1) Office Cleaner and three (3) Security Staff.