Solomon Islands citizens have the right to justice, which is a fundamental pillar of good governance.

It is important that citizens understand the laws that govern their actions and that they have the right to justice—the right to complain about Government and the right to have their complaints resolved on its merit according to the application of rules and evidence. This is fundamental to the notion of justice for all.

The Ombudsman’s Office (OOSI) plays a vital role in providing justice for Solomon Islanders who are victimized by the decision-making of public bodies. These are bodies that are established purposely to serve and protect citizens.

But when these state agencies fail to perform their mandated roles, the Ombudsman’s Office provides an avenue for citizens to seek redress against decisions which infringes on their rights. The Office does this by receiving, investigating and reporting on complaints lodged to the office or through the Ombudsman’s own initiative, known as an “Own Initiative Investigation”.