Name: Frank PORORARA

Date of Birth: 1945

Place of Birth: Suutaluhia Village, Ulawa Island

Status in Family: First Born of six boys

Father’s Name: Lionel Marau

Mother’s Name: Dorothy Doroau

Marital Status: Married

No. of Children: 3-two girls & 1 boy


1955 – 1960: Pio Kindy

1961 – 1963: Arona Junior Primary School

1964 – 1966: Pawa senior Primary School

1967- 1968: King George Six school

1969- 1971: Admore Teachers College – New Zealand


1972- 1974: USP- Fiji (Diploma in Education)

1981- 1982: UPNG- Bachelor of Education degree- (In-Service Training)


1974- 1979: Teacher Selwyn College

1980- 1982: Deputy Head Master- Selwyn College

1983- 1984: Head Master- Selwyn College

1985- 1990: Head of school- SICHE

1991- 1995: Solomon Islands Ombudsman

2000- 2004: Peace Monitoring Council

2004- 2010: Stroke (illness) A father and grandfather Late Pororara died at his home village of Suutaluhia on the 14th September 2010 at the age of 65 years.


During this period, an Officer of the Hong Kong Ombudsman’s Office was on attachment for three weeks with the Solomon Islands Ombudsman’s Office. The attachment was made possible after an understanding was reached during the 11th APOR Conference held in Honiara, October 1990.