Date of Birth: 12th August, 1955

Place of Birth: Kiu, West Are’ are, Malaita Province 

Status in Family: Only child (boy) in family  

Father’s Name: Peter Kenitahana

Mother’s Name: Immaculate Moraharu

Marital Status: Married

No Children: Three boys (Reginald, Grayling & Dykes)


1963 – 1966: Kiu Primary School

1967- 1970: Aligegeo Primary School

1971- 1975 King George VI Secondary 


1996 – 1997: Certificate in Legal Studies, University of the South Pacific


1976: Junior Store man’s course

1977: Public Service Procedures and Stores Training

1979: Finance and Accounting 1A & 1B, Part 2 

1983: Job Instructions, Public Service Refresher Course 1 & 2

1985: First Management 1 & 2, and Middle Management.

1988: District Level Management in Primary Health Care (MHMS), Finance for Non Financial Managers

1994: Training of Trainers, Administrative Law.

2000: Civic Training

2002: Senior Leaders Equal Opportunity Seminar

2005: Multi-Discipline


1976- 1978: Clerk II (Accounts), Public Service

1979: Clerk I (Accounts), Public Service.

1982- 1983: Assistant Administrative Officer.

1985- 1986: Administrative Officer

1990- 1991: Senior Investigation Officer of the Ombudsman’s Office.

1995- 1996: Principal Investigation Officer, Ombudsman’s Office.

1997- 2006: Chief Administrative (Investigation)

2007 – 2011: Ombudsman of Solomon Islands


The Ombudsman whose appointment was challenged in the High Court and the Court of Appeal and eventually served only three years of his five year Term. 

  • (Poraiwai v Acting Attorney – General, Kenilorea v Acting Attorney General [2007] SBHC 67. HCSI – CC 20 & 30 0f 2007 (12 July 2007) and,
  • (Acting Attorney General Vs Poraiwai [2008] SBCA 4, CA – CAC 27 of 2007 ( 18 July 2008)

Instigated Own Motion and Systemic Investigations (first after ten years) since such Investigations were done.

Two Initiatives were put in place and are now implemented:

  • The Focal Point Officer Initiative
  • The Complaint Aerogram Form Initiative.

A Corporate Plan for period 1999 to 2011 was drawn up to guide the work of the office.

Five Office Policies were drawn up and implemented 

Member of the Integrity group Forum which consists of all Accountability and Integrity Offices and Agencies and the Anti corruption Task Force.

Outreach and Awareness is the main focus of the office during this period. 

Publication of the Ombudsman’s Office first ever newsletter in 2009.

During the period, the office involved in a lot o Awareness Programs in terms of organized Outreach Program Tours to Schools and rural communities and giving talks at Conferences and Meetings on invitations, to give talks, etc on the Role and Functions of the Office. Nearly 70% coverage was done to date in terms of school outreach program.

With the coordination of the Communication and Education section of the Accountability Program of the RAMSI Machinery of Government Program, the office with the other two Accountability Institutions involved in Workshops organized for Non Government Organizations and Churches.

The office ran the following Workshops:

  • RRRT Workshop for Ngo’s and Public Servants dealing with Human Rights
  • Regional Workshop on Freedom of Information Workshop
  • Freedom of Information Workshop of local participants.

2010 was the first time for the office to have its own permanent Office Building when it moved into the Isaac Qoloni House in March 2010 where the Ombudsman and the Leadership Code Commission Offices are co-accommodated.