Three senior staff of the Ombudsman office had recently attended and completed the Engaging Adult Learners training course offered by the Solomon Islands Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), from the 1st to 3rd February 2023.

The three senior staff are Mr. Aaron Kodo, Director of Investigation, Mr. Nelson Dhita, Director of Legal Services and Mr Patteson Tomu, Principal Training and Public Relation officer.

Engaging Adult Learners is an IPAM-facilitated course which aims at equipping IPAM’s current (and potential) Associate Trainers and Guest Speakers with the skills and knowledge necessary for such trainers and speakers to assist IPAM in its program deliveries when requested to do so.

Some senior staff from other government ministries and agencies also attended this training course. This includes the Ministry of Health and Medical Services; the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; the Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Services; the Ministry of Finance and Treasury; the Ministry of Women Youth, Children and Family Affairs; the Ministry of Public Service; and the Leadership Code Commission.

Training attendees and participants were each awarded with a certificate of completion after the three days training.