The Ombudsman and his executive had just successfully completed a two days’ workshop with the Senior Management team of the Correctional Service of Solomon Islands.

The workshop based on the theme, “Cutting the Cost of Bad-decision Making in Public Offices” was held at the St Barnabas leaf Haus starting from the 3rd and ends on the 4th of October 2022.

The workshop which was a first of its kind, and the Senior Management of the Correctional Services were the first group, was designed in a way that participants would fully understand the importance of Good-decision making in public offices and as well as the negative impact and cost of bad decision-making.

The workshop was divided into 4 stages. These four stages were, prepare for the decision, develop a decision, make a decision and communicate the decision. In all these fours stages, record- keeping was highlighted as one of the main requirements to make a good decision.

The OOSI plans to assist other public sector agencies by delivering similar good-decision-making trainings for their administrators and officials in the coming months and hope the good-decision making training would provide a bench mark for good-decision making process in the public service.

The Ombudsman wish to acknowledged the Commissioner of the Correctional Services for inviting his team to be part of the Correctional Services Workshop and also thank the Australian Government through the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman of Australia and the Queensland Ombudsman who assisted the Office of the Ombudsman of Solomon Islands in the development of the Good Decision Making Manual, that is used in the training.